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This website is the flower that grew on the dung of my own (years of) empathic burnout and its goal is to help other autistic and otherwise sensitive folk avoid going there, and for those who are in the middle of it, to help navigate a way back out.

What is empathic burnout?

Empathic burnout is a condition of over-fatigue and accompanying breakdown in mental and physical health caused by the emotional (and sometimes physical) work associated with … empathising a lot.

The way I see it, there are two varieties:

  • the fatigue brought about by constantly taking actions to take care of others. This one is relatively (relatively!) easy to resolve by balancing self-empathy with other-empathy and instituting a fair emotional work distribution.
  • the fatigue brought about by the constant (and often unconscious!) emotional work of feeling along with others, or feeling their feelings as if they were our own. In this condition, we can often be involuntarily “flooded” by the feelings of others to the point of being too overwhelmed to actually take any “empathic” actions, precisely because we feel them so much.

This website has something to say to both, but it’s focussing on the second variety. That’s because in my experience that one is tougher to solve and I had to spend years digging for appropriate and sound advice about it.

Does this speak to you?

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I have no medical training and do not provide medical advice. This content is based on personal experience and meant as an inspiration to responsibly consider health-supporting lifestyle choices.

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