Autistic natural mental health mentoring

Welcome to autistic mental health mentoring

The huge human and creative potential of autistic persons is too often obscured by the mental health difficulties we develop going through life with minimal self-knowledge, acting against our needs and integrity while following unhelpful mainstream advice.

This website, the courses available here (under construction) and the mentoring offer aim to fill in some gaps that can remain unaddressed when autistic persons are looking for support in mental health recovery and personal development.

It comes from my personal perspective, but I hope that other autistic people, especially those interested in natural approaches to health and integration between mind, body and emotions, will find some of this information helpful.


If you (might) identify with the “empath” label or are very emotionally sensitive, check out this special sub-section.

Started by Sash. Contact me if you would like to comment or collaborate.


Matter over mind: living conditions and autistic mental health

Since I’m running a consulting service that is trying to give users “tools you can use at home alone”, without having to buy fancy stuff, go to expensive classes, take far-away workshops, or pay through years of special therapies (if you can’t), it would be convenient if I could say, with what we call inContinue reading “Matter over mind: living conditions and autistic mental health”

Body-mind-emotions toolbox for recovery

My approach is based on 3 pillars: Foundation-strength tools (nutrition and sleep) Emotional tools (enter a useful dialogue with your emotions) Somatic tools (dialogue with the body and movement) Because our sensitivities have rarely been respected across our lifespan, we people on the spectrum often disconnect from bodily needs and feelings (including emotions) at someContinue reading “Body-mind-emotions toolbox for recovery”


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I have no medical training and do not provide medical advice. This content is based on personal experience and opinion and meant as an inspiration to responsibly consider health-supporting lifestyle choices.

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