Matter over mind: living conditions and autistic mental health

Since I’m running a consulting service that is trying to give users “tools you can use at home alone”, without having to buy fancy stuff, go to expensive classes, take far-away workshops, or pay through years of special therapies (if you can’t), it would be convenient if I could say, with what we call inContinue reading “Matter over mind: living conditions and autistic mental health”

Tools for emotional integration

There are two typical challenges related to emotions that people on the spectrum often face, sometimes without realising that this is what it is (I didn’t for a long time). One challenge is what they call alexithymia – having no clue, or at least not being able to articulate, how you feel emotionally (“How do youContinue reading “Tools for emotional integration”

Body-mind-emotions toolbox for recovery

My approach is based on 3 pillars: Foundation-strength tools (nutrition and sleep) Emotional tools (enter a useful dialogue with your emotions) Somatic tools (dialogue with the body and movement) Because our sensitivities have rarely been respected across our lifespan, we people on the spectrum often disconnect from bodily needs and feelings (including emotions) at someContinue reading “Body-mind-emotions toolbox for recovery”

Feeling and thinking with the body

“Somatic awareness” means “body awareness”, but not at all in the sense of being aware of your looks, or even your fitness, and other external markers. It is awareness of how your body feels in the moment – felt from the inside out, through proprioception and interoception – and the value and many uses of thatContinue reading “Feeling and thinking with the body”

Nutrition: the bodily foundation for feeling safe

This might be surprising, but for a lot of sensitive people (many auties are almost by definition in that category) the gut-brain axis is a big thing. The standard approach to mental issues has recently become the “brain chemical imbalance” theory. While I’ve spent about 6 years studying how the brain works, for me theContinue reading “Nutrition: the bodily foundation for feeling safe”

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